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Ice Fishing, Put-in-Bay: February 2007

Dawn on the Ice

This winter we had something we haven't had in a long time... good ice! We were able to get up to Put-in-Bay for a weekend of ice fishing, which we hadn't done in years. Dave picked us up from a Griffing Airlines flight out of Sandusky on Friday afternoon. We got to the Island in time to take some great pictures at the Bykowski beach, covered with ice, before sunset. That evening was Jeff's fiance Karen's birthday, so we all went to Tipper's for dinner out -- then to the Brewery to see a few friends who haven't made it off the Island this winter.

The next morning we were up EARLY for breakfast at the Skyway, then headed out onto the frozen lake. By 10:00 AM, Christy was ahead four walleye to Ben's one. Crystal and Nick came up for the weekend, so we shoveled between shanties visiting (and doing those things you do in shanties!)

By late afternoon, when the sun was just getting ready to set, Ben pulled ahead -- and got his limit for the day! Tom, Dave's good friend, was also up for the weekend. We had a great dinner of filets over the fire before it was time to clean fish. (We got out of cleaning the fish though, since we don't eat them. We just catch them! :)

Sunday morning was the same. Up before dawn to head out on the lake. We caught our limit again, just in time to catch the plane back to the mainland in the afternoon.

It was definitely a weekend to remember!