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Mykonos and Santorini, Greece: September 2006

Ben and Christy at Santo Winery on Santorini

We decided we wanted to travel to New Zealand for our honeymoon soon after our engagement. However, we soon realized that we would need at least two weeks of vacation to do so. This proved to be difficult since vacation time in 2006 was at a premium. Eventually we decided that we could postpone leaving for New Zealand until just before Christmas in order to take advantage of the time off over the holidays as well as access to vacation time in 2007. Since Christy originally wanted to see Greece, and because marriage is all about compromise, in the end we decided to travel to Greece right after the wedding. When the time came to travel to New Zealand we already had the world travel experience we needed.

Greece was wonderfully relaxing, and just what we needed after the wedding! We flew from Cleveland to New York; and from New York to Athens. Without ever leaving the Athens airport, we hopped a puddle-jumper right out to Mykonos, our first Island. Mykonos island is part of the Cyclades islands group located in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is one of the most popular of the Greek Islands, famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its exciting nightlife, its picturesque whitewashed houses and blue domed churches. We stayed at the Poseidon Hotel, just a short walk from Mykonos town. Our room overlooked the Aegean Sea, so we had happy hour on our balcony at sunset most nights. Mykonos gave us the "down time" we needed, so we slept late, read our books by the pool, explored the village at our leisure and lingered over ocean-side dinners.

After three nights on Mykonos, we took a ferry to Santorini or Thera, also located in the Cyclades islands. Santorini is famous for being a romantic holiday destination. Santorini is nestled a small group of volcanic islands and was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions. But, what remains today is a submerged volcano and caldera. With the village of Fira clinging to the steep cliffs, Santorini leaves us with memories of the sunsets, the black and red beaches, the wine ...

On the advice of some friends, we rented a car and drove around Santonini one day. This gave us the opportunity to have lunch on the shores of Ammoundi and hike the red beaches of Akrotire, on opposite ends of the Island. One of the highlights of our trip was an afternoon spent at Santo Winery. We sat in the sunshine and drank our Greek wine while taking in beautiful panaramic views of the Islands. On our last day in Santorini, we went out on a old rigging yacht to hike a nearby volcano and take in the stunning sunset!