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Niagara Falls Aerial Shot © Igor Korolev - FOTOLIA

Our Engagement

On November 17th, 2005, Ben took Christy to a surprise weekend at Niagara Falls! In order to make the surprise complete, Ben used one of Christy's travel itinerary emails to lead her to believe they would be going to New York in January of 2006. He then told Christy he wanted to take her for a special weekend to celebrate what would be the anniversary of when they first started dating.

Christy packed her bags, believing they would be heading to downtown Cleveland. As we passed the exits for dowtown, she wondered aloud, "You missed the exit!" As we headed deeper into Pennsylvania, she again wondered,"Are we going to Pittsburgh?" But as we neared Buffalo, she finally figured out our destination. Then as we approached the border into Canada, she exclaimed, "We don't have our passports!" Ben told her to open the glove compartment and out tumbled the passports he had sneaked out of the house earlier that week.

A short while later, they arrived at Embassy Suites - Ben had done his best to get the timing down. The hotel room was set-up with rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne on ice, a fireplace, soft music and a beautiful view. The room had an entire wall of windows, and looked down into the Falls from the 27th floor. At the very moment the night sky lit up with fireworks over the Falls, Ben got down on one knee and asked Christy to be his wife!